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We supply a wide range of medical equipment, including mobility solutions, available to rent for both short and long term periods. Call us now for a quote 1-800-000-0000


BRENDA K (White City, SK)- Darwin is amazing and a very effective Remedial Massage Therapist. He can quickly identify the problem and resolve it. He is open to explaining what leads to the issue and how you can help yourself at home in between treatments. He has a wealth of knowledge.  I highly recommend him!

GERALDINE E (Regina, SK)- I have been a client of Darwin Stoeber for the past three years. He has helped me immensely with my injuries and I am continuing therapy with him.  Darwin is very professional, approachable, and operates a clean and relaxing venue.


JIMMY C (Regina,SK)- Darwin has been instrumental in my recovery after back surgery.  I'm a new man!


CHRISTINE H (Regina, SK)- I suffered with severe shin splints and lower back pain for years. Instead of giving a "cookie cutter" massage, Darwin identified and worked the problem area.  His advice on Natural Medicine has also helped me improve my overall health.

DANA D (Regina, SK)- Darwin has treated my family & extended family for years.  It is difficult to capture in a few words his extensive knowledge of the human body and it's intricate workings, along with his wide knowledge base of nutritional supplements and their use.  He can quickly pinpoint the problem and does amazing massage work to help alleviate it.  Darwin operates with integrity, honesty, care, and a willingness to share information.  I feel very fortunate to have him to look after us.


BERNICE C (Regina, SK)- I am very happy with the massage therapy treatments and health advice I have received. I find Darwin knowledgeable, professional and generous with his time. He's made a big difference for me!


SHEILA B (Regina, SK)- I have been a client of Darwin's now for several years.  I am continually impressed by the level of service and attention that I have received.  Not only does he give a great head to toe massage, he has an immense knowledge and explains what he does.  As a result, I have a better understanding of my body and what I need to do to maintain good health.   

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